Our physiotherapists at Vernon Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic treat clients of all ages affected with a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Among the many services we provide and conditions we treat are:

Various physiotherapy treatments can be effective in reducing the pain and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis.

Back Pain
With almost half of adult Canadians suffering from back pain at some point in their life, our physiotherapists are often challenged to help patients reduce their pain and decrease the number of work days lost due to back injuries.

Aquatherapy Programs
Pools of water provide a gravity-minimized environment to help patients regain motion and increase their strength and flexibility. It is particularly effective in assisting patients suffering from a variety of orthopedic conditions and sports injuries.

Functional Capacity Evaluations
FCE’s are comprehensive assessments for workers who have encountered injuries that could impact their ability to do their jobs. This tool is effective in determining a worker’s ability to perform work and their tolerance to a variety of real or simulated work activities is assessed.

Foot And Ankle Pain
A patient’s quality of life can be seriously affected by ankle and foot pain. Through exercise and orthotics, our physiotherapists will work to help you return to normal living as quickly as possible.

Gait Analysis
Living a normal life can be seriously challenged walking (gait) and balance disorders surface. Our physiotherapists are trained to do an extensive analysis of our patients’ conditions and can frequently devise successful treatments to deal with weakness, spasticity and loss of balance.

Industrial Rehabilitation
Vernon Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic offers a wide-ranging industrial rehabilitation program designed to meet the needs of employers and recovering workers. Among our services are work conditional and work hardening programs.

Joint Pain and Joint Replacements
Each patient’s joint injury and pain is unique, but our physiotherapists will work with you to help develop a personalized treatment plan to help reduce pain and restore mobility as quickly as possible.

Specialized orthopedic devices can modify a patient’s foot function to restore mobility and reduce pain. Our physiotherapists are trained to treat various biomechanical foot disorders.

Pre and Post-Surgical Conditions
Studies have shown that patients who have physiotherapy both before and after surgery can experience better surgical outcomes and faster recovery time. We can help you sustain your strength, motion and activity both before and after your operation.

Spine Injuries
Stabilization exercises and other strategies for resolving pain are offered by our trained team of physiotherapists and are effective when combined with home exercise programs.

Sports Injuries
Besides sprains and strains, many athletes are impacted by overuse syndromes that result from their use of one part of their body in a repetitious manner (i.e. runner’s injuries, tennis elbow, and golfer’s shoulder). Effective treatments can reduce the pain and restore function and prevent such injuries from re-occurring.

Our staff and patients are our top priority and we will be taking all the necessary precautions and following guidelines set out. We look forward to your next visit.