Our son is being evaluated in the ER for a broken leg -- snapped the middle of the thigh bone in two. He's in kindergarten half-days. Will this keep him from going to school? We both work and don't ha ...more
We just got a call from the soccer camp where our 8 year-old twin girls are this week. One of the girls managed to fall out of the top bunk and broke the middle section of both bones in her arm. We ar ...more
My granddaughter fell down the stairs and broke her elbow. They said it was a nondiplaced lateral condylar fracture (I wrote it down so I could ask you about it). They put her in a cast. Now what happ ...more
While we were on vacation, my 11-year-old stepdaughter fell and broke her leg. The surgeon who saw her put a cast on the leg but told us to get to a hospital right away if there are any signs of probl ...more
My parents are at the hospital with my younger sister who twisted her ankle while running. She's 11-years-old but still kind of clumsy. They called and said she might have to have surgery. Why would y ...more
I have a child with slipped capital femoral epiphysis. I confess I've taken to searching the web for anything I can find about this condition. I saw a report out of Japan that there is a test called D ...more
I have a knee cap that keeps flipping out to the side. My parents want me to wait until I'm an adult to have any surgery so my growth won't be stunted. My coach doesn't say as much but I think he want ...more
Have you ever heard of a contraption called a Taylor frame? It's used to treat severely deformed club feet. Our adult children are Peace Corps workers coming back to the U.S. with an 11-year-old child ...more
Our 12-year-old daughter was thrown from her horse and then stepped on by the horse. She has a Torode IV pelvic fracture. We saw the X-rays so have an idea of what it looks like (very nasty). What doe ...more
My son is 8 years old. He loves soccer and is pretty good. When is he ready to start serious team sports? Organized team sports are becoming increasingly popular on the youth sports scene. Kids are st ...more
I've been restricted from playing baseball (or any other sport) for the next six weeks (up to six months) because I have something called OCD. I'm not allowed to throw a ball, do any weight lifting, o ...more
Have you ever heard of scoliosis in a baby? Our son isn't even five months old yet, and they are diagnosing him with scoliosis of unknown cause. We don't know anyone on either side of our families who ...more
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