My back hurts when I move it

I'm in a catch-22 situation. My back hurts when I move it but my doctor wants me to move as much as possible. How can this really help?

Research shows physical activity and exercise is the best medicine for many patients with chronic low back pain. Patients are usually advised to start slowly and gradually build up.

It's likely that this type of program gives patients a greater sesne of control. It reduces pain levels and the fear of pain with movement. Your doctor wouldn't advise this approach if it wasn't safe.

You may have some set backs but give it some time to make a difference. Do what you can each day then add just a little more the next day. See your doctor for a follow-up visit if you don't make any progress in four to six weeks.

Jennifer A. Klaber Moffett, MSc, PhD, MCSP, et al. High Fear-Avoiders of Physical Activity Benefit from an Exercise Program for Patients with Back Pain. In Spine. June 1, 2004. Vol. 29. No. 11. Pp. 1167-1173.

Our staff and patients are our top priority and we will be taking all the necessary precautions and following guidelines set out. We look forward to your next visit.