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Set up two lines, 20-30 m long, approximately 10 m apart.
Start by standing parallel to the line, then explosively jump up and sideways over the barrier with both feet.
Mark off lines at 10m, 20m and 30m, (or a similar variation).
Stand in a split stance with your right leg forward.
While standing on your right foot, reach your buttocks backward and torso slight forward to keep your body weight over your foot as you bend your right knee.
While standing, take a large step forward with your right leg and bend your knee as you bring most of your weight forward onto the right leg.
Stand sideways parallel to a wall with a stability ball between your left hip and the wall.
With your right leg firmly on the step, bend the right knee with control, while dropping the left heel down towards the ground.
Stand facing a step with your right firmly on the step.
Stand with your back to a wall, with a large stability ball between your back and the wall at the level of your low back.
Stand 6-8 inches from a wall, with a small ball or towel roll gently squeezed between your knees.
Sit on a firm chair with an ankle weight or resistance band around your ankle.
Bend your right knee up towards your buttocks, then lower with control.
Shift forward until your buttocks are near the front of the seat, and place your feet firmly on the floor with your toes under your knees.
Sit or recline with your right knee bent to 45°, and your foot flat on the bed.
Sit or recline with with your right leg extended in front of you and a rolled towel placed under your right knee.
Sit on the edge of a bed with your right leg extended forward on the bed, and your left leg off the edge of the bed and in contact with the floor.
Lay on the floor, perpendicular to a wall with your right leg extended up the wall.
Lay down or site with your right knee bent, your foot flat, and with a strap around your right ankle/shin.
Standing. Move sideways toward your left, alternately cross your right foot in front of the left, then behind the left as your travel. Gradually increase your speed. Repeat in the opposite d ...more
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