How Can Diabetic Improve Sensation in Ankles?


I have diabetes with some loss of sensation in my feet. Because of this, I have to be very careful to protect my feet and avoid injuries. Is it possible to compensate for this by improving sensation in my ankles?


The ankle's ability to sense its own position while moving or standing is called proprioception. The positioning of the feet and ankles is very important for people with diabetes as this can help prevent injuries. Scientists suspect that proprioception is changed in people with diabetes, but not much information is available on this topic.

Studies of healthy adult volunteers have shown that fatigue can alter ankle proprioception. Tests of muscle fatigue and joint position in people with diabetes have not been done. Until more information is available, you may want to try a program of exercises to improve ankle proprioception. Physiotherapists typically prescribe these exercises after ankle injury and can help you in this area.




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