Are Joint Sprains Hereditary?

Physiotherapy in Vernon for Ankle

Joint laxity or looseness is one factor that might contribute to chronic joint injuries or sprains. And that's something you can be born with. Inherited conditions (e.g., Marfan's syndrome) involving collagen fibers that make up the soft tissues are a more remote possibility.

But there are other possible factors contributing to chronic joint injury such as impaired balance, problems with proprioception (joint sense of position) or muscle imbalances/weakness. Usually there is a reason behind the reason.

In other words, a specific reason why someone might have muscle weakness or impaired proprioception. Before starting on they exercise program, it's wise to look for all possible avenues to restore a normal, natural balance of muscle strength, motor control, movement, proprioception, and kinesthesia (awareness of movement).

You may not be able to solve this on your own. A visit to your primary care physician might be in order. He or she can direct you to someone more specific if needed (e.g., rheumatologist, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist). If there's a problem with muscle insufficiency, altered motor control, or joint proprioception, a physiotherapist can help you find the right rehab protocol and exercises to restore normal function.

Reference: Riann M. Palmieri-Smith, PhD, ATC, et al. Peroneal Activation Deficits in Persons with Functional Ankle Instability. In The American Journal of Sports Medicine. May 2009. Vol. 37. No. 5. Pp. 982-988.

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