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Kees Huisken
 BScPT MCPA, owner

Kees graduated in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 1983 and worked in hospitals, extended care facilities, rehabilitation centers, and “on the field” with sport teams including the Dutch National Rugby team and premier division field hockey teams. He has also worked with many individual athletes from skier to tri athletes to soccer players, among others.

Kees has been the owner of Vernon Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic since 1996.

He is the past president of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (1991-1993). He is a current member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the Royal Dutch Physiotherapy Association

Kees's interest is in general orthopedics and sports injury and he has taken many courses over the years to stay on top of all the new developments in the exciting world of physiotherapy.

He has been actively involved in many sports personally as a player and a coach and this gives him the unique inside perspective to help injured athletes and workers successfully recover from injuries. Kees has a special interest in the treatment of foot and ankle injuries and he developed a very effective technique to restore normal movement in the foot and ankle. 

Kees's slogan is “keep it simple and effective” and that is how he has been working since graduation in 1983.


Paul Makse

Paul has worked as an associate physiotherapist at Vernon Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic since 2000. He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1997 and has more considerable experience in private practice. 

He has a keen interest in providing active physiotherapy  -- "hands-on" treatment and exercises -- and has completed numerous post-graduation courses to enhance his assessment and treatment skills.

In addition to clinical physiotherapy Paul also offer consultations, provides home physiotherapy visits and aquatic-based exercise therapy.